The Un-Titled Movie Podcast With Ron & Craig #25: Diggstown

On this week’s episode of The Un-Titled Movie Podcast, the boys wrap up their Black History Month cele-bonanza with Diggstown (1992). They get all crazy about Louis Gossett Jr., discuss ring attire, and talk about the time that The Big J-Man called someone a racial slur! What an episode!

What happens afterwards though? What happens when…spoilers incoming…

…when the lights go down on the Diggstown Boxing Hall, and Gabriel Cane, Guy Played By Oliver Platt (G.P.O.P or G-Pop as any character he plays in any movie will be known from this day forth), Honey Roy Palmer and The Coalition To Remove J.C. Gillon take over all of Olivare County? I like to imagine a world where Honey Roy moves his family to town. Sure, it’s just him and his wife in the movie, but what if they adopt one of the little boys from the rec center he taught in and move him to Georgia with them? Honey Roy takes over the town’s boxing program while also taking over the estate of Charles Macum Diggs. Yes, they all move in together. However, even with the money they made from the bet and his wife’s job doing whatever it is she does (she had a real social worker/ high school teacher vibe to her), he needs to bring in a bit more cash because he’s got so many mouths to feed. This leads to him re-opening one of the farms he won from Gillon.  So now we’ve got Honey Roy, his teacher wife, a spunky little kid, a now speaking and always cranky Charles Macum Diggs,  and his sassy homecare nurse all living under one roof and farming for the first time! We didn’t even mention the zany crew from the boxing program!  It’s heartwarming, it’s funny, there’s hijinx, and so many fish are out of water in The Honey Pot! This fall on TGiF!

What about old Gabriel Cane and G-Pop? They’re in charge of a whole darn town now! Clearly, despite their almost unlawful age difference, he and Emily Forrester are going to get together. Guess what happens when they do? They have a baby! Actually…it’s twins! But oh no, Emily gets accepted to a big fancy banking school program in Florida and will only be home on weekends for the next six years! It looks like Gabe and G-Pop are going to have to not only serve as mayor and deputy mayor of this burgeoning small town, but also take care of a baby! Whoops, I mean two babies! There’s small town government related comedy (“Pig Laws? What are Pig Laws!?”), G-Pop’s ongoing search for a southern belle of his own, someone definitely cries over spilled milk, and who is going to take care of Emily’s six dogs!?! Find out every week on Raising Caines! This Fall on TGiF! Right after The Honey Pot!

Yes folks, I was raised by a television, and no, it doesn’t take me a lot of thought to come up with this stuff. Yes, I wonder why someone married me too. End rant.